Elvis, Encore Performance (Tunzi) 




Elvis World 10th Anniversary Tribute, Phil Gelormine

Gelormine, Phil(editor) Elvis World Enterprises; 1982; English Magazine(Friday, July 24, 1998)
Limited edition magazine to celebrate the 10th anniversary of
Elvis's record-breaking appearance at NY's Madison Square Garden, June 9-10 1972.
Excellent b/w photos accompany newspaper and magazine aricles brought together
in scrapbook format.
Elvis World 10th Anniversary Tribute, Phil Gelormine


book ny72

Elvis N.Y.' 72


Elvis N.Y. '72', is a collection of never before seen photos from the press conference
Elvis held before his concerts in Madison Square Garden in June 1972.
Beside the pictures from the press conference the book also contains information
about the shows plus some never before seen pictures from the actual concerts.
As a special bonus is a CD containing the press conference also included



Elvis, Encore Performance II (Tunzi) 

Tunzi, J.A. (1993)
JAT Productions , Chicago (IL) 
ISBN 0-9620083-4-6 , 97 pages 
softcover , 26.0 x 23.0 x 0.8 cm

Category: Photographs 
Description: Photobook Madison Square Garden, 10 June 1972, including press conference on June 9th.