Glen D. Hardin  

Glen D. Hardin:

I think he never sang better than in the Madison Square Garden.
He sounded so good that I was dissapointed when the album came out. It ran too fast and the sound was bad.


Christine Snell:

I love him! He is fantasic.
His eyes- The first time I saw them, I almost died.

 Christine Snell
 Carol Aversono Carol Aversono:
I told my husband, that I would stand in the queuefor three weeks just to see Elvis.
Judy Hamill:He is the best looking man on earth. Judy Hamill
Becky Tewell Becky Tewell:
He is the king.I love him since I `am 12 years old.
He is like a good wine. Getting better and better as older he gets.
Unknown husband:
My wife would divorce, if I would not buy tickets.
Unknown husband
Young employee Young employee:
I buy tickets for my boss.
His girlfriend told him, if he still wants to see her, he should buy a ticket for her.