Filmed Footage


ABC filmed a snatch for the TV news that night ( June 9th 8:30pm). A snatch in this context means till the end of Polk Salad Annie. This is the official version, some people say that 45min of pro. Footage does exist. But this footage never appeared completely on VCD/DVD or VHS. The ABC footage remains to be the only pro. footage taken at the garden.

But what can be found on Sold Out Vol 2, Vegas Showman ,King Masters Vol 8 and the Definitiv Elvis Vol 12 seems to be footage taken with a pro. Camera not a 8mm camera.
Here an example (source: Rocking the Garden)

The same scenes taken from Sold Out Vol 2.
As you can see the quality is much better and the footage is taken in front of the first rows. A policeman is walking on by he did not seem to mind that somebody was filming.Here some more screenshots from June 10th 8:30pm.

Elvis Presley 8mm footage

Elvis Presley 8mm footage
Elvis Presley 8mm footage Elvis Presley 8mm footage


The best 8mm Material appeared on the 2012 Sony Box Set "Prince from another Planet"

Some more excerpts from the ABC material can be seen in the excerpts section.